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Visual art is one of the most powerful tools for presenting the project to the public. We fully understand that we are trying to provide clients with all necessary tools based on their preferences and tailored to their needs starting with the basic 3D modeling up to real-time rendering.  


Currently, STUDIO Ltd. possesses a strong network of visual artists from Slovakia, Taiwan, Bolivia, Canada, and India.


The portfolio of our VISUAL services is constantly expanding, but we are confident that we can deliver:

  • 3D modeling and Basic Rendering 

(e.g., Private housing and real estate projects, interior design visualization, street views, industrial design objects, and preparation for 3D print and CNC manufacturing)


  • Large scale 3D modeling and Rengering

(e.g., Urban projects, Mix Use Development, Birdseye views, Cityscape)

On-demand we also provide (these services are at the moment location limited, please contact us should you require further services)

  • Interactive presentations

(e.g., Interior design for developers, Urban interactions, or Virtual product insight) 

  • 3D scening, GPR scanning, and drone areal mapping

(e.g., Scanning of products or building interiors for future remodeling, zone mapping, thermal evaluation, construction failures and fatigue location, etc.) 


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