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SHPP - Shanping Hydro Power Plant is a project that was and still is a part of the original large scale mapping of Taiwanese hydropower plants THPP active since 2011. 

SHPP project includes mapping of the old Shanping hydropower plant located in Southern Taiwan, Liugui / Maolin dist. The original mapping that started in 2015 slowly turned into an excavation and forensic activity where remains of the power plant were found still relatively intact. At the moment the research/excavation site is being cleaned and turned into an open-air museum since SHPP was built in 1952 it cant be considered a technological heritage but it surely brought the first sustainable electricity on site.   


  • active since 2015

  • in 2008 Typhoon Morakot destroyed the Shanping hydro-power plant 

  • in 2015 the site was recognized for the first time by the research team during the wider project focused on mapping all the hydro-power plants on Taiwan island. 

  • between 2018-2019 most of the remains were successfully excavated and documented. 

  • The most precious foundings were the Japanese 3 phase generator and well preserved horizontal Open flume Francis turbine - this shaft type turbine is the only type present in Taiwan and thus belongs to the Industrial Heritage fund.   

  • 2020 together with Taipower and Voluntary workers the Shanping power-plant excavation site is slowly turning into an exhibition site. Model, pictures, and posters are expected to be on display in the old Zhuzimen hydro-power plant at the beginning of the new year. 

Involved institutions:

STUDIO Taiwan / STUDIO Slovakia / TUKE / TRFI / TPC 

Leading researcher: 

Stefan Tkac 

Co-researcher organization

TPC - Taipower - Liugui and Zhuzimen branch (Gaiping power plant)

TRFI - Taiwan Research Forestry Institute

Shanping Forest Ecological Scientific Garden




Taiwan R.O.C. ​


Kingdom of Cambodia



Slovak Republic


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