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We are offering worldwide support for your projects. One of our major factors is the complexity; thus, many times, all the client needs is a basic sketch a brainstormed box diagram a reference pic, etc. It is our job and pleasure to turn it into a tangible form with a proper reference to the given site.


In STUDIO Ltd. we are working with numerous computer software and a large network of our partners capable to solve a project from simple 2D CAD drawings up to complex BIM modeling or large-scale rendering if necessary. For details of reading and finalization please look into our VISUAL section. 


The portfolio of our CAD services is constantly expanding but are confident that we can deliver:

  • 2D Drafting based on sketches

(Standard architectural and Civil Engineering studies, Feasibility and concept studies, Proposals for the physical building processes)​

  • Converting Paper Drawings to CAD 2D/3D

(e.g. Historical projects, Restoration or preservation of monuments, Maps editing, and updating)

  • 3D modeling and Basic Rendering 

(e.g. Private housing and real estate projects, interior design visualization, street views, industrial design objects, and preparation for 3D print and CNC manufacturing)


  • Large scale 3D modeling and Rengering

(e.g. Urban projects, Mix Use Development, Birdseye views, Cityscape)


  • 2D graphics and Advertising materials

(e.g. Photoshop floor plans rendering, post-render adjustments, posters, calendars, covers, books, leaflets and Journal layouts, preparation for pyrography or laser cutting or carving)


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