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The MUMT - Micro Urban Multipurpose Turbine is a long-term development program dedicated to various types of micro-urban turbines working with water and gas medium using the medium properties as much as possible.

At the moment there are 4 development models in the program namely

  • MARK I - Water/Gas medium (Conoid, Concentric Canals, Hyperboloid surface)     

  • MARK II - Water Gas medium (Conoid, Concentric Canals, Flat surface)

  • MARK III - Water medium (Excentric circular forces, Slots, Flat surface)

  • MARK IV - Water medium (Conoid, Concentric Canals, Hyperboloid surface II, Self-stabilization via Centric Cavity)     

Involved institutions:

STUDIO Taiwan / CHU Taiwan / TUKE Slovakia / ITRI Taiwan / TEHO Slovakia

Leading researcher: 

Stefan Tkac 


Zuzana Vranayová, František Vranay, Han-Ping Yang, Michal Capcara and others...


Taiwan R.O.C. ​



Slovak Republic


01   /   09   /   2009

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