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Exhibition of VANN MOLYVANN

Cambodian modernist architect Vann Molyvann (1926-2017)

Molyvann was Cambodia´s first fully qualified architect and the man responsible for the new era of Cambodian postcolonial architecture, nowadays referred to as The New Khmer Architecture. The exhibition was the outcome of research by the international architecture groups called the Van Molyvann Project and the New Khmer Architecture. It features 20 A1 posters, an award-winning documentary, and a 3D projection introducing the life of Vann Molyvann and detailly breaking up his most iconic buildings as the Olympic stadium complex, The Chaktomuk conference hall, the Teacher training college and others. The exhibition is also the first exposition of Vann Molyvann´s work outside the Asia Pacific region and the very first appearance in the US.

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